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The Teddy Bears Club is a limited NFT collection for the TeddySwap Initial NFT Offering (INO).

TeddySwap is an open-source, secure, and community-driven stablecoin DEX that heavily incentivizes trading and liquidity providing of the top stablecoins assets in the Cardano ecosystem. Members of the Teddy Bears Club qualify for increased FISO rewards, TEDY token claims, and boosted rewards on yield farming along with our liquidity bootstrapping event.

Teddy Bears Club Member Benefits

  • ➜ Round 2 holders will earn a minimum of 4,200–7,000 $TEDY for each NFT held, based on rarity.
  • ➜ 2% FISO boost per NFT.
  • ➜ 2% Incentivized Testnet bonus per NFT.
  • ➜ 0.4% boost on liquidity bootstrapping event per NFT.
  • ➜ 0.4% yield farming boost to certain pairs on TeddySwap per NFT.